Greetings Everyone,

I hope you did not expect to read a condensed chronicle of my life story because you will not here.

However, I will tell you why I build these custom cases for graded slabs. Ultimately, I could not find one in the market for my own collection that I found appealing or up to my standards as an artist and creative. I see that most are made without emphasis on aesthetics and are produced with low quality and poor craftsmanship...practical but bland. That is it.

I wanted to fabricate one of my own with a taste of upscale and lavishness that I can display and store my cherished sports and Pokemon PSA, BGS, CGC graded slabs. All cases are developed and handcrafted in a small humble studio located in Brooklyn,New York.

These cases take careful planning and are visually designed with the high end collector in mind whose taste gravitates towards extravagant and luxurious.

If this describes you, then these cases are constructed specifically for you.